Fourth of July Craft Ideas

The Fourth of July is the quintessential time to fly your flag high and let your sparklers sparkle. A holiday that honors freedom also makes plenty of space for flair. In fact, if you’re looking to spice up your stars and stripes, there are a plethora of arts and crafts to choose from. Channel your inner Betsy Ross and consider the following options: 

Balloon Centerpiece

Do you need a centerpiece for your picnic table? A colorful craft might hit the spot. This conversation piece is a simple-to-make BBQ accessory that requires very little in materials and only a few minutes of assembly. Throw it together for your outdoor festivities; just don’t mistake this bucket of balloons for a bucket of chicken.

Tie-dye American Flag Towel

Tie-dye is so seventies, specifically 1776. This artsy craft uses a basic tie-dye kit and zip ties to create a patriotic effect. One of the perks of this activity is it makes something that’s not limited to the Fourth of July. Take your towel along on all your beachside adventures (even if that beach is Union Reservoir). 

Patriotic Shoes

Get ready to merge canvas with the Continental Congress. This craft uses a pair of plain canvas shoes, paint pens, pencils, and a star stencil to give your kicks a little kick. Kids are especially drawn to this craft because it lets them see their art in action by wearing what they create.

Confetti Poppers

Confetti poppers are a wonderful craft for children who want to get in on Fourth of July action but are too young to light fireworks. This craft uses plastic push-pop containers, confetti stars, tissue paper, and garland, ultimately letting kids celebrate Independence Day their way. After all, sometimes the best thing to make is a giant mess!

Cardboard Rocket Ships

Cardboard rocket ships require basic art supplies, including cardboard tubes, foam brushes, cardstock, and tissue paper. Glitter is used, as well, which makes this an activity you might want to do outside, somewhere far away from the fibers of your living room carpet. Give the little ones a chance to explore their inventiveness. The sky is literally the limit. 

Whether you’re hosting a summer get-together and need some homemade decor or looking to keep the kids busy for a few hours, these Fourth of July crafts bring out the artist in everyone. From the mountains to the prairies, your imagination knows no bounds. 

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