Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Living Room Layout

A living room, as the name suggests, is where people tend to do a lot of living. From a place to host friends and family to a spot to nestle in with Netflix, it’s somewhere you spend a great deal of time. No offense to the kitchen, but it just might be the most important room in your home. Because of this, your living room’s layout plays a key role in your comfort and everyday practicality. So, how do you make sure your floorspace flourishes? Consider the following tips:

Invest in Organizational Furniture

Organizational furniture is furniture designed to store things; it comes with nooks, crannies, and drawers that offer storage compartments inside storage compartments like a multitasking nesting doll. Organizational furniture allows you to free up the floor because it serves as a home for things that have nowhere to go, like pet toys, books, blankets, seasonal decor, footrests, and more. 

Make Use of Shelves

Like organizational furniture, shelves allow you to organize items in a manner that keeps things off the floor, freeing up your layout and making your living room feel more roomy. But, unlike organizational furniture, shelves allow you to showcase and display things you don’t want to be hidden away in a drawer or cubby hole. They’re ideal for pictures, art, nicknacks, awards, and vases.

Use Furniture as Dividers

If you want your living room to be sectional, furniture makes a great divider. For instance, if part of your living room is dedicated to a sitting area and another part is dedicated to a home office, a pair of sofas positioned at ninety-degree angles effectively separates one section from the other. A coffee table and rug can help enhance this effect.

Engage in Self-Reflection

One of the easiest ways to make a small living room look larger is to embrace the magic of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light from the windows, which makes your space look bigger and brighter. But the size of your mirrors is important. To make a noticeable difference, hang mirrors that are large and looming; skip the small ones. 

Fit Your Furniture to the Space

The size of your living room should dictate the size of the furniture you buy. If your living room is on the small side, you should probably opt to go without that 12-seater sofa you saw for a steal of a deal on Craigslist. Not only does size matter, but quantity does, as well. The more furniture you have, the more cluttered your living room will look, the more spacing issues you’ll create, and the more your layout will suffer from both an aesthetic and usable perspective.

The layout of your living room can make or break a home, determining whether it feels chaotic and suffocating or spacious and comfortable. These tips are an excellent way to make sure your living room lives as large as possible. 

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