agriCULTURE: Art Inspired by the Land Exhibit at the Longmont Museum

The Longmont Museum is giving kudos to crops through its new exhibit, agriCULTURE: Art Inspired by the Land. Admission is free for children and museum members, $8 for adults, and $5 dollars for students and seniors.

About the Exhibit

This exhibit focuses on farming as more than simply the process of producing food. By embracing issues of climate change, water rights, ancestral lands, the environment, heritage, health, nostalgia, and more, it merges art with agriculture. You just might walk away more curious about cultivation and under the impression that, yes, tilling can be thrilling. 

Considered an experimental art exhibit, agriCULTURE: Art Inspired by the Land pairs Boulder County farmers with more than 15 local and national artists. Working in unison, they sift through the stories of the earth, plowing for visual gems that speak to the human experience, get down to the roots, and invite guests to consider their own relationships with Mother Nature. The art itself manifests as sculpture, fiber arts, photography, ceramics, digital media, and cyanotypes.  

For those who want a hands-on experience, the Longmont Museum offers that, as well, featuring exploration activities for families that include a tractor sandbox, an interactive magnetic mural, digital microscopes, and more. Stimulate your senses and get a feel for farming that engages and inspires.

The exhibit runs through January 7, 2024, which means you have plenty of time to stop by for a visit…..and you don’t even have to wake up at sunrise to do so!

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