Valetine’s Day Date Ideas in Longmont, Colorado

Roses are red, violets are blue, February 14th is upon us, what the heck should you do?

Valentine’s Day is not a day where you can rest on your laurels, trying to reap the benefits from that romantic gift you gave last time. A new year means new pressure to make sure you plan the perfect outing.

Fortunately, the Longmont area can serve as your sidekick in seduction, offering plenty of places to go to let the romance flow.

Here are some of our favorites:


Crackpots allows you to experiment with pottery, glass art, silver clay, and glass fusing. It’s offering a special Valentine's Day package for $18 per couple (plus the cost of project materials). It’s an adults-only event from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, so you can be free to explore your inner artist.

Martinis Bistro

Martinis Bistro is posh but casual with an inviting atmosphere. They’re known for their martinis, naturally, but they have menus chalked full of traditional cocktails, signature cocktails, mocktails, and beer. They have a very extensive wine list, as well. 

Stop in for drinks and dessert and thrill your palate with the likes of vegan almond ice cream, a roasted apple brandy cake, or butterscotch budino.

Dry Land Distilleries

The tasting room in Dry Land Distilleries pays homage to the cocktail lounges of yore. Located in a building that was once a dairy farm, it’s a homey and nostalgic place that includes a vintage stereo, a record player, and a plethora of vinyl for your listening pleasure.   

The cocktail menu is extensive and varied, changing with the season. Drop in on Valentine’s Day to sip on their winter flavors.

Quarters Bar+Arcade

If you’re looking for a date that lets you relive the glory of Gallaga, this is it. Quarters Bar+Arcade offers 128 different video games, pinball, skee-ball, and multi-player games. Double-date with Pac-Man and Spy Hunter or try your hand at Joust, Frogger, or many more of your childhood favorites. After all, few things are as romantic as Robotron.

The arcade also features 20 self-serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on tap so you can pay what you pour. It offers some snacks, but encourages patrons to bring in their own food.  

Sandstone Ranch

Sandstone Ranch is both a nature area and community park with panoramic views and easy access. Its stargazing is grand enough to be endorsed by the Longmont Astronomical Society, making it an illuminating location to spend Valentine’s evening. Pack some heart-shaped chocolates and hit the road. You can enjoy milk chocolate underneath the Milk Way.

Longmont might not be Cupid’s playground, but there’s plenty of romance nestled in restaurants, hot spots, and open space. Try one of the above and celebrate love at a local favorite.   

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