Tips for Decluttering Your Apartment

As our lives get busy, our apartments tend to fill up with items acquired along the way. It seems that most Coloradans believe that one can never have too much outdoor or recreational equipment, and our closets, dressers, and cabinets tend to reflect that. Decluttering your apartment can breathe new life into a disorganized space and help you discover things you long forgot about. Here are some simple tips for decluttering your apartment.

Start Big and Work Down

Instead of starting with your small spaces, like storage boxes, kitchen drawers, and nightstands, think of the places in your home where large-scale items are kept. Work here first by pulling everything out and piling it in one central location. Bigger items may include camping gear, sports equipment, winter clothing, musical instruments, and the like. Keep the items you use on a regular basis in one area and move items you occasionally use to another location. Collect everything that is too broken to fix or no longer used at all and put these items in a donate pile.

Move on to the Kitchen

For most of us, the kitchen is a main thoroughfare and has ample storage. It tends to collect odds and ends that we acquire along the way. Perhaps your junk drawer has exploded into a junk cabinet or has even crept its way into the pantry. Work big to small again and begin to pull items out of the pantry and cabinets. Discard expired food, broken reusable containers, and anything that no longer serves any purpose. Organize extra dishware and appliances into tidy bins and then consider donating what remains.

Clothing and Accessories Need Attention

Decluttering the closets and dressers can be the most time-consuming task. We like to hold on to articles of clothing because it can get expensive to buy new, because of sentimental value, or because we feel that it would be a waste to discard clothing. Prior to decluttering your apartment, turn all the hangers in your closet backwards. When you wear an item, re-hang it as you normally would on a forward-facing hanger. When you do go to organize your clothing and accessories, you can examine the items you’ve worn over the past months and consider donating the clothing that hasn’t moved.

Organizing Drawers is the Final Step

Now that you’ve tackled the larger storage areas of your apartment, it’s time to focus on the small stuff. Move room to room, emptying out drawers as you go. Comb through contents of each drawer and keep only what you use. Donate or discard broken, unusable, or expired objects. If your drawers tend to clutter up quickly, purchase drawer organizers that offer little cubbies to contain small items and mitigate the buildup of clutter.

Fox Ridge Apartments are spacious and offer ample storage space. Keeping your apartment decluttered and clean allows you to better focus on stuff that matters, like community, hobbies, and career. Contact us today to tour our modern apartments in Longmont, Colorado. 

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