The Best Houseplants for Apartment Living

Greenery is trending in interior design right now, but what is not trending are those tired looking, dying, and wilting plants. Here is a list of apartment-friendly houseplants that are sure to hold up indoors and make you look like a gardener, even if you lack a green thumb.


Pothos are number one on the list, as they grow rather quickly, can be split apart and propagated for more pothos, and they don’t need much TLC. This beautiful bright green plant will bring life to a shelving unit or mantel, as it is categorized as a trailing vine and can grow as long as 30 feet!


Another easy-growing favorite is the snake plant, an upright grower that will add dimension to tables and consoles in your home. Snake plants don’t love water, so it’s important to be aware that over-watering will cause root rot. You want to completely soak the soil of the snake and then leave it to fully dry out before watering again. A pot with adequate drainage will also help your snake flourish indoors. There are tons of varieties of this plant, some growing much taller than others. Snake plants also have health benefits and are known to reduce toxic air pollutants through absorption.


The ZZ plant is a dark green, waxy, and thick-leaf beauty that thrives in a low-light environment. They also do not need or like very wet soil. One cool thing about ZZ plants is that they surprise you and briefly flower toward the end of the summer, or in the beginning of fall.


The peace lily is a wonderful option for owners who want a pop of white in their plant design aesthetic. These will grow very big if you give them enough room in a larger than expected planter. Peace lilies will also communicate when they’re due for a watering as their leaves start to droop downward and appear sad when they're thirsty.


Succulents love sun and heat, and will thrive on window sills or patio ledges. Another plant that requires almost no water, you will love adding succulents to your collection, because there are a variety of different-looking options, and they're all relatively simple to care for. Popular in modern aesthetics everywhere, most succulents add an edgy vibe that can’t be beat.


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