Pet Furniture Every Cat Owner Should Own

Watching your cat stalk around the living room, chase lizards outside, or leap eight feet into the air to perch atop a platform is like watching lions in the savanna. Your cat spends his or her day doing a variety of things, including sleeping, lounging, scratching, and eating. What a great life! It can be made even better by providing some cat-focused furniture to make your furry friend feel even more at home. Here are some key pieces you should consider adding to your interior décor to make your cat happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Litter Box Enclosure

Most cat owners would probably agree that the litter box is their least favorite thing. It’s unsightly, can be smelly, and even the tidiest of kitties makes a mess of the litter each time they hop in and out. A sleek, enclosed litter box hider is a win in the cat furniture game. This option fits with almost any home décor and completely conceals your cat’s bathroom, giving both of you some privacy.

Cat Nook

What’s great about this little cube-shaped nook is that it can be mounted within a shelving unit, tucked next to your bed as a side table, or even set outside to give your pet a place of refuge. The streamlined design and modern aesthetic pairs beautifully with bedroom or living room furniture and gives your pet a whole room of their own.

Floating Play Area

Hone your carpentry skills by mounting these floating play pillars that younger cats are sure to go wild for. Mount as few or as many as you’d like to give your feline friend a place to hop up on. Scratching-post material coats these pillars so cats can easily grip on as they move from one to the next. Plus, this will help them sharpen their claws while keeping them away from your favorite tufted chair.

Knitted Tuft and Pet Home

This gorgeous, knitted pet home looks like a plush seating area but really disguises a place for your cat’s favorite bed. Use as an end table, an ottoman, or let this piece stand alone because it’s so aesthetically pleasing. Giving your kitty a few places around the house to nest helps them enjoy each room and get a change of scenery when they so choose.

Cat Condo

These have long been a favorite furniture item of cat owners. Cat condos come in so many shapes and sizes, offering felines many ways to hang out. Depending on your available space, a tall cat condo consists of multiple places to perch, a scratching post, and carpeted nooks for cats to cuddle up in and nap soundly. Some luxury cat trees and condos even come equipped with swinging stuffed toys, ramps, and hammocks.

Indoor cats especially can benefit tremendously from some key pieces of furniture. These items keep your feline family member engaged, active, and comfortable at all stages of their lives. Fox Ridge’s pet-friendly apartments boast ample space for both you and your furry friend. Contact us today to learn more. 

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