Local Musicians Around Longmont, Colorado

Longmont and the surrounding area have long been attracting unique musicians to its venues. As our city grows and expands, its creative industries are able to thrive. While live music was put on hold during COVID, we’re looking forward to outdoor concerts, patio shows, and coffee shop troubadours as life resumes its regular pace. Here are some local musicians to add to your regular playlist.

Antonio Lopez

Born in Alamosa, Colorado, Antonio Lopez has called Longmont home since 2012. His music is soft and serene, blending piano, guitar, and inspiring vocals. Lopez writes lyrics about his childhood growing up in Chicano culture throughout northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Through songwriting, this talented Longmont musician shares his history and the region’s history with listeners, while inspiring them to dig deeper into their own existence and consider their place in the world. Give him a listen, here.

A Brother’s Fountain

This seven-piece band has gathered a loyal following from Fort Collins to Denver, playing shows at many noteworthy venues over the course of its eight-year history. Equal parts folk, jam, and acoustic, this unique band sings original, thought-provoking melodies that spread love and foster healthy, happy connection. A mandolin, cello, saxophone, and banjo are just a few interesting instruments that give way to A Brother’s Fountain’s unique sound. Check out their website for upcoming outdoor concerts and listen to their music, here.

Graham Good and the Painters

This Fort Collins based jam band recently played at Red Rocks and is continuing its trajectory onwards and upwards, attracting fans all over the state. Funky saxophone mixes with bright banjo melodies for music you can’t help but dance to. For feel good vibes and a lively show, attend the next Painters’ show and you’ll make up for all the live music time lost during last year’s shutdowns. Give them a listen, here

Kayla Marque

Deep, soulful lyrics and smoky, ethereal melodies are the hallmark of this Denver-based musician. Marque recently released two albums, found here, that contain a variety of songs that showcase her depth and style. With titles “Left Brain” and “Right Brain”, Marque speaks to her internal conflicts she’s battled for years, and through music, is overcoming.

Maple Whiskey

Spend just a little time in Northern Colorado and one thing becomes readily apparent – it’s home to some of the best blue grass music in the country. The Colorado-based band Maple Whiskey is no exception to this, and the five-piece ensemble is often found playing its foot-tapping blue grass throughout Boulder, Longmont, and Lyons. Follow along this band’s journey, here

Longmont and the surrounding towns are home to a variety of venues that prioritize hosting local musicians. Some of the best live music can be found at hole-in-the-wall bars, brewery patios, and outdoor summer festivals. Fox Ridge Apartments places residents in a convenient location near downtown Longmont and just a short drive from Boulder, Lyons, and Fort Collins. Music lovers needn’t travel far to get their fix. Contact us today for a tour of our modern apartments.

Photo courtesy of A Brother’s Fountain, with permission

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