Flowering Plants to Brighten Your Apartment this Season

Houseplants are a multi-talented addition to your home. Not only do they purify the air, but they promote wellness, enhance sleep, and help fend off viruses (possibly even COVID). Of course, houseplants bring visual appeal as well, introducing life, color, and a little pizazz to any family room or kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to improve air circulation or enhance ambiance, there are plenty of plants that bring flower power to the long stretch of winter. Start with one of the following:

Moth Orchid

The moth orchid makes a great houseplant any time of year, but it has a knack for colder weather. Its blooming flowers are a mix of sophistication and tropical hideaway with some deception thrown in; it doesn’t require nearly as much care as its elegant looks suggest. The plant is easy to grow, low maintenance, and long-lasting; it blooms 2-3 times a year with flowers that range in color from white, purple, and pink to salmon and yellow. Each bloom can last up to six months.  


Primetime for primrose is late winter and early spring. It produces cheerful flowers that brighten dark days and bring a little bit of summer to liven up your living room. Primrose needs regular attention due to its propensity for root rot, requiring the right balance of not too wet, but never dry. It thrives in increased humidity, which can be accomplished with a pebble tray, and moderate warmth. Temperatures between 50-65 °F are best (for this plant and your winter energy bill).


Jasmine is a hearty indoor grower with white, yellow, and bi-colored blooms. Its star-shaped flowers stimulate the visual and olfactory senses, packing a potent and sensual punch that’s rich and sweet. It can flourish inside and out, althoughJasminum polyanthum is usually recommended for indoor use. 

Jasmine is an enthusiastic climber, one that requires solid support, a sunny spot, and proper pruning. Without the latter, it can quickly grow out of control (think Little Shop of Horrors) and leave you with foliage that hogs the sofa.  


Clivia is a unique houseplant that offers sharp and bold blooms of orange, red, pink, yellow, and white hues. In nature, it typically blooms in summer, but it will bloom as early as February when kept indoors.  

Clivia does best in bright, indirect sunlight and rich soil that drains easily. It flourishes without much attention, making it the perfect option for anyone whose green thumb is a little off-color. 

Lipstick Plant

The lipstick plant blossoms optimally in areas that are warm and humid (its native to tropical and sub-tropical forests that receive lots of moisture). This plant gets its name from the appearance of its blooming ruby red flowers; they emerge from their buds in a tube-like way that pays homage to Revlon and Maybelline. 

This plant doesn’t require much botanical knowledge, making it an ideal option for novices willing to follow the guidelines. It needs moderate water, bright and indirect sun, and proper pruning to encourage new growth.

Houseplants are a simple and vibrant way to brighten your home, especially during a cold and gloomy winter. So, head to the local garden center and start setting down your roots.

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