Enrichment Activities for Apartment Dogs

Owning a dog in an apartment isn’t as hard as it may seem. While some pups are high energy and better suited for a house with a yard, many breeds do just fine in smaller spaces. When it comes down to it, dogs are most interested in you, not square footage.

Even so, dogs need exercise and stimulation, no matter where they live. If your home lacks outdoor space, knowing how to turn your living room into your pooch’s playground can mean the difference between a well-behaved dog and one eating the couch cushions every time you turn your back.

To offer your pooch enrichment in limited space, consider the following activities:

Tug of War

Tug of war is a great way to give your arms a workout (while testing the strength of your dog’s teeth!). The biggest advantage of this game is that it doesn’t require much space at all; depending on the size of your pooch, a few feet should be plenty. Grab whatever you can — a pair of panty hose, an old towel, or a sock that’s lost its mate — and challenge your dog to a round. You can also buy dog toys specifically made for the pull of a pup.


Old Faithful meets Old Yeller, fetch is to dogs what tag is to children - a tried-and-true good time that’s sure to entertain your four-legged friend. While fetch doesn’t require much room, the further you throw, the more exercise your dog will get. A hallway makes an excellent option; it’s generally lengthy, void of furniture, and, importantly, window-free.

Obstacle Course

An indoor obstacle course can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want. Chances are, there are tons of items around your home that your dog can crawl under, jump over, and maneuver its way around (from pillows to boxes, coffee tables to chairs). Start simple and make the course more challenging each round. Who knows? Your toy poodle might have a ninja warrior inside of him or her after all.  

Training Sessions

It turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks. In fact, you can teach dogs of any age. Dogs, like people, never stop learning; they’re curious, eager, and determined to please you. If yours doesn’t know many commands, you can start with the basics of sit, shake, and lay. If they’re already accomplished obeyers, move on to speak, roll over, or play dead. There’s no limit to the tricks you can teach your pup, perhaps outside of teaching them to do your laundry.


Traditional hide-and-go-seek might not work unless you have a super ambitious dog. If your pooch is unmotivated, you could find yourself hiding for hours underneath your bed until they come and find you…and only because it’s dinner time. Hide-and-go-treat, where you hide snacks rather than yourself, might be a bit more effective. Hide a handful of kibble or a couple of milk bones around your apartment and encourage your dog to venture on a treasure hunt. 

With these activities, stimulating Sophie and revving up Rover is simple and fun. Any activity goes a long way; after all, one of the greatest things about dogs is that they’re extremely easy to please!

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