Decorating with Flowers

Flowers don’t just improve the aesthetics of a room; they provide actual benefits for your well-being, as well. According to research, flowers can enhance happiness, serenity, and gratitude. And the benefits don’t stop there; orchids, lavender, lilies, and lilacs put the “petal to the mental” by helping ease depression, anxiety, and agitation. Flowers also improve the connection between intimate partners, which is probably why they’re a mainstay of romantic dates, Valentine’s Day, and apologies. 

With all of this, it’s easy to see why so many people use flowers to decorate, buddying up to the buds to give their homes more visual and emotional appeal. 

If you’re interested in embracing this flower power, there are several ways to start, including the following:

Beautify the Bedroom

The bedroom isn’t a place that often gets a lot of floral love, but placing a vase of flowers on your nightstand can beautify the bedroom in ways that knickknacks can’t. Not only that, but your bedroom is the first thing you see each morning; adding some greenery can help you get out of bed fresh as a daisy.

Add Foliage to the Front Door

With spring about to spring, it’s the ideal time to add a floral wreath to your front door. While you can buy one at arts and crafts stores or online, you can also make your own. Doing the latter gives you a chance to embrace your creativity, express yourself, and use whatever colors you want.

Man the Mantel

Whether you opt for a tapestry of tulips across your fireplace mantel or a vase of carnations on a hallway table, flowers make a statement anywhere there’s empty space. As an added bonus, fresh flowers are less likely to collect dust than other surfaces. In fact, flowers may even decrease the number of dust bunnies circulating in your home.  

Create a Table Centerpiece

Putting a floral centerpiece in the middle of a table seems a bit cliche, but flowers deserve to be featured on the main stage. Not only do they freshen up your dining room, but they may even help dinner guests relax and socialize. So, put some buttercups near the butter dish and get the party started. 

Use a Variety of Flowers

To get the most out of your flower decor, don’t shy away from mixing and matching different types of flowers and bold and vivid colors. Don’t be afraid of using dried flowers, either. While they don’t offer the aroma of fresh flowers, they’re not on a time clock. They also don’t require any upkeep or care. 

Decorating your home with flowers is a simple way to enhance your atmosphere. Try one of the above and see what blossoms.

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