DIY Home Décor Ideas for Welcoming Spring

Spring brings so much more than melting snow and warm weather – it offers the chance to start anew, reevaluate our lives, and move forward with hope and optimism. Your home can reflect this exciting sentiment as well, with a few DIY home décor projects that bring spring indoors. Here are some simple and beautiful home furnishings you can make yourself.

Spring Floral Sign

Depending on your preference, use real or fake flowers and pinch the heads off each. Discard the stems (into a compost pile for living plants) and glue each flower to a plywood board of any size. For a real eye-catching piece that doubles as a backdrop for a spring photobooth, go big with large piece of wood and flowers of varying colors. If you choose, cut out letters that read “Spring 2021”, “New Beginnings”, or “Spring has Sprung” and glue to your gorgeous spring floral sign.

Flower Chandelier

For the home décor gift that keeps on giving, string together a flower-focused chandelier. Use fresh flowers from the garden and swap them out with fresh ones each week. Or, as flowers dry, they become unique and beautiful in their own right. With string, wood, and a little time, this over-the-table installation easily comes to life.

Color-Block Wood Vase

Create these colorful vases with just a few items from any craft store. Choose paint colors that complement your home’s existing aesthetic and block off an afternoon. Cover a glass vase in an adhesive wood sheet. Block off sections with painter’s tape and let your inner artist out. These vases can be used year after year with April’s arrival!  

Living Door Wreath

Green thumbs and aspiring gardeners unite. This living door hanging can be made out of a variety of air plants, including moss and succulents. Depending on your craft and gardening skill levels, create this stunning greenery with foam, fishing line, and living plants. Let the plants speak for themselves or attach a cute spring-related phrase to let everyone who comes over experience just how exciting this time of the year can be.   

Welcoming Door Mat

Can’t find a door mat that captures exactly what you’d like to say to guests? Make your own! Grab a plain burlap or woven brown rug and choose outdoor, pastel colored spray paint. Find a stencil online or make your own. Better yet, you can turn this craft project into an all-day affair by making placemats, a tablecloth, or even tapestry-style wall hanging by following the same format. Here’s the tutorial

These simple and entertaining arts and crafts offer a great way to refresh your apartment. In Longmont, Colorado there are numerous ways for residents to welcome spring – including walking trails, farmers markets, and art festivals. Fox Ridge Apartments places its residents in close proximity to a bunch of awesome events in the heart of downtown Longmont. Contact us today to learn more. 

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