Creative Games for Your Next Party

Gathering with the people we love is one of the best aspects of life, and there’s no better excuse than Colorado’s winter weather to host a party indoors. Next time you throw a party, kick off the festivities with one of these engaging and creative games. 

Mirror Charades

A twist on the classic charades, this game involves two people mirroring each other. One person is in the know and the other is not; everyone tries to guess based on the duo’s performance. It’s wildly entertaining and surprisingly harder than the classic charades. 

What’s In the Bowl

You may remember this game from kindergarten, but it’s still totally fun and hilarious as adults. As the host, put a bunch of random objects in a bowl or sack and have guests reach in and grab an object. Before pulling the object out, have them guess what it is. Correct guesses stay in the game and wrong guesses get ousted. The last one standing gets a prize.

Pick Pocket

This is more of a rolling party game that can be played all night long. Depending on the theme of the party - Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. - select an item to ‘sneak’ into party guests’ pockets. For example, for a Valentine’s Day party, place bowls of candy hearts or Valentine’s Day cards around the room. Instruct guests to try and sneak items into other guests’ pockets without them noticing, if they notice, the sneaker has to do some sort of action. If they don’t notice, guests with items in their pockets at the end of the night have to do the action. 


Similar to hide-and-seek, this is an active game that involves everyone to participate fully and get close, so take the temperature (both figuratively and literally?) of the room before proposing this one. One person goes to hide somewhere in the house and everyone else begins to look. As each guest discovers the ‘it’ person, they hide next to them or somewhere nearby. The last person standing is the next person that has to go hide. 

This or That

For some creative fun around the dinner table, run a game of “This or That”. Guests will take turns naming two common items, for example, coffee or cars, and the participants will have to vote on which they’d rather live without. As the game goes on, the new reality you’re all creating can become pretty quirky. 

There are so many easy games that involve a crowd, spark conversation, and cost no money to set up. Make memories that are filled with laughter, awkward moments, and give everyone stories to take home and tell long after the night is finished. 

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