Bathroom Decluttering and Organizing Tips

The wayward toilet seat that hasn’t been put down often gets a bad rap. But when it comes to your bathroom, that’s the least of your worries. Curling irons, hairspray, dental floss, hand soap, contact solution, and more tend to clutter counters and fill cabinets, leaving your room in messy mayhem.

That doesn’t mean all is lost…in a sea of mascara and mouthwash. There are many tricks to help your bathroom stay as tidy as possible, including the following:

Embracing the Idea that Less is More

The most obvious way to declutter your bathroom is to get rid of all the clutter. While there are several items necessary for beauty and hygiene needs, not everything in your drawers and cabinet plays a role in your ability to look fabulously flawless. You might need a bottle of hairspray, for example, but you probably don’t need five. Go through your inventory and toss any products that you don’t use, as well as those past their expiration dates. Throw away or consolidate near-empty containers, too.

Making Use of Baskets and Storage Bins

A storage bin is an excellent addition to your bathroom cabinet, offering a space to store hair ties, makeup, deodorant, bath bombs, bubble bath, and anything else that needs a home. A basket, especially one that is visually pleasing, can help accessorize your counter, offering a place to store washcloths, hand towels, lip balm, perfume, and lotions while adding a little decluttering decor. It’s organization chic. 

Using Drawer Dividers

Bathroom drawers are among the messiest places in most houses; no matter how much you try to keep them clean, your toothpaste has other plans. It might not be possible to keep them immaculate, but drawer dividers go a long way in controlling the chaos. Insert a handful of dividers and organize your drawer by product, putting the items you use most often toward the front. 

Customizing Caddies

If you share a bathroom, decluttering is even more difficult. Customized caddies, one per family member, are a helpful way to sort each individual’s items. These caddies are most effective if you share a bathroom with children or teenagers who are particular about their things. As an added bonus, they let you track who’s cleaning up after themselves and who isn’t. 

Installing Shelves

Some bathrooms come with plenty of shelf space; others are like blank canvases, waiting for you to leave your mark. Installing shelves over the toilet gives you a place to store toilet paper (thus freeing up your cabinets), tissues, candles, and flowers. Shelves in your shower allow you to keep the area tidy by giving you somewhere to put shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, and face scrub. Shelves in your bathroom cabinet help cabinets stay orderly; even if people can’t see the mess, you know it’s there.

As long as you use them daily, bathrooms will always be hard to keep clean. With a little effort and the above tips, you can help yours stay aesthetically arranged and organized. Or, at the very least, organized-ish.

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