Apartment-Friendly Ways to Decorate with Pegboards

Living in an apartment has many benefits, but room to grow isn’t often one of them. With limited space, keeping things tidy is essential to efficient living. Fortunately, pegboards make this practically effortless.

There are all sorts of ideas on how to use pegboards inside your home, including the following: 

Hang One Behind Your Office Desk

In the post-COVID world, where more people are working from home than ever before, an organized office might be key to staying on top of your tasks. You can avoid company chaos by taking the small things off your desk and placing them on pegboard shelves. This might not necessarily make you more productive, but it’ll make you look that way.

Add One to Your Craft Room

If you’re stuck on glue guns, think yarn is a ball, or love to peruse the aisles of Michaels, a craft room offers the chance to enhance your hobby. Unfortunately, filled with ribbons, beads, and sequins, it’s also a room that invites plenty of mess. Shelves or baskets on a pegboard can bring a method to the madness and prevent specks of glitter from taking over completely.

Use One to Make an Entrance

Your entryway is often an overlooked part of the home. It’s not only the first thing a visitor sees, but it’s also a place where all sorts of items get left. Hats, keys, purses, and dog leashes tend to end up in piles on the ground, a mess that is solved with a pegboard placed strategically. 

Make Use of Cabinet Space

There’s no need to mix your hardware with your evening wear and store your tools in your bedroom closet; just add a pegboard to a kitchen cabinet door. That way, you’ll know exactly where to find your hammer, screwdriver, pliers, and all-important Allen wrench, the mainstay of furniture assembly. You can use a pegboard to store cleaning supplies in your bathroom, as well. 

Display Your Decor

Pegboards are often used for practicality, but they can be used for aesthetics, too. Adding a pegboard to your living room wall gives you a chance to display decorative items and other important nicknacks. Use one to showcase items like candles, plants, pictures, company awards, and ceramics.

Pegboards are a simple and whimsical way to stay organized, particularly if you're living in an apartment where space is limited. Try one of these ideas to make your home handier. 

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