Apartment-Friendly Vegetables: Make Your Produce More Productive

When it comes to growing vegetables, many think of gardens and greenhouses, not kitchen counters and windowsills. But growing vegetables in your apartment isn’t only possible; it’s easy if you pick the suitable types. To give your veggies the best chance of taking root, start with one of the following:


The key to growing carrots indoors is using a deep container, as these veggies require deep soil. However, they don’t require a lot of side-to-side space, making them ideal for close quarters (like a living room window). Carrots do best in relatively cool spots with plenty of sunshine.  

Green Onions

Green onions are a good way to hone your green thumb. They’re low-maintenance veggies that are relatively simple to grow and don’t require a lot of hands-on work. They also don’t need as much sunlight as their peers, making them a good option for an indoor garden. You can grow them from seeds or the root end of other green onions.  


Radishes are known as quick growers, which makes them a perfect choice for any gardener who wants to enjoy their spoils sooner. While it depends on the type of radish, some are ready to harvest within 30 to 40 days. The trick to growing them indoors is preventing the containers from getting crowded; the bulbs won’t blossom if they lack room.  


Potatoes are a straightforward veggie (or a carb, depending on who you ask) that tend to thrive indoors. They need at least 2.5 gallons of containers that require regular attention and easy-to-follow steps to help them reach their tasty potential. Potatoes can also keep you alive, even without all other food. In other words, they’re helpful if there is ever a zombie apocalypse (or, in Colorado, a surprise spring snowstorm that shuts down the state).  


Tomatoes are an excellent challenge for gardeners looking to conquer container growing. They can be grown indoors but not without focused attention and skill (and, perhaps, some trial and error). Because they love warm weather, they need heat and tons of bright light (up to 20 hours a day). Small varieties are easier to grow than their larger counterparts, but even the tiny types can put your horticultural talents to the test.

You don’t need a backyard to grow vegetables; put a garden in your guest room! Growing vegetables inside your apartment isn’t as complicated as you might think. While it takes some know-how and sunshine, you can have a happy harvest without going outside.   

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