Apartment-Friendly Spring-Cleaning Tips

Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or home renter, spring cleaning is a must. Winter weather forces us to close the windows, crank up the heat, and stay indoors – and for good reason. Warming temps invite us to open up our residences once again and make our spaces happy and healthy sanctuaries. Here are some apartment-friendly spring cleaning tips to help make your space comfortable and clean.

Out with the Old

You can’t really perform a thorough cleaning until you identify what actually needs to be cleaned. Springtime is about new life and a fresh start – the same goes for our homes. Get rid of stuff you no longer use that is sitting around and collecting dust. Consider donating to nonprofit organizations to give it a second life and cut down on what goes into the landfill.  

Optimize Storage Space

While you’re at it, remove everything from the closets, cabinets, and shelves. In Marie Kondo’s words, take the time to really consider whether the item sparks joy. If it doesn’t, move on to questioning whether it is essential. If neither of these tags apply, perhaps it’s time to donate it. For the ultra-clutter conscious, record an inventory of everything you have in specific storage places around your apartment. Keeping an itemized list of what you own and where it is makes it easier to find when the time comes to use it. 

Stick to a Schedule

Once the decluttering and reorganizing is done, it’s a simple task to refresh your apartment with just a day’s worth of cleaning. Create a schedule and recruit your housemates if you have them. Break up tasks by knocking out the least enjoying jobs first. Don’t get hung up on particularly troublesome spots that will take time; consider the larger desire of doing a deep clean in each room. Dust from ceiling to floor and save the vacuuming and/or mopping until last.  

Create your own Natural Products

Mixing your own cleaning solutions may feel like a daunting task but it’s quite simple. With a few grocery store ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, lemons, and olive oil, you can whip up a variety of cleaning products. Dodging synthetic cleaners can help your place feel and smell fresher. Artificial scents can irritate those with allergies, while chemicals that remain on furniture (like wood polish or rug shampoo) can irritate skin for both pets and people.

Make your products beforehand and alter the solutions accordingly. If you have a favorite scent, pick up an essential oil and add a few drops to each DIY product. Your home will feel bright, fresh, and most importantly, provide a healthy environment for all who enter.

Spring cleaning is so much more than sprucing up the home. It helps us take stock of our possessions, reevaluate our goals, and get excited for beautiful weather in sunny Colorado. It’s a total mental boost and emotional lift, which we could all use right now. Block off a day to really treat your apartment, and yourself, to a good spring cleaning.

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