5 Apartment Decor Trends for Fall 2022

Style is fickle; trends come in, trends go out, and trends circle back around (Hello overalls, we’ve missed you so!). Of course, this isn’t limited to clothes and fashion; apartment decor is ever-changing, too.

In fact, several 2022 trends are in full swing, ready to make your space fabulous. A few of our most favorite include:

An Affinity for Earth Tones

Earth to earth tones! We’re summoning these hues once again as they make a comeback. Earth tones offer a warm and inviting atmosphere that balances calmness with comfort. They work best in frequently used areas, such as living rooms or bedrooms.  

Natural Wood Furniture

Like earth tones, natural wood offers a soul-soothing aesthetic that brings a sense of groundedness to the room. Wood furniture showcases a light and airy effect as well, which makes it a great option for open rooms that get lots of sunshine. As an added bonus, wood is much easier to clean than cloth furniture, particularly if you have a pet whose favorite hobby is shedding. 

A Little Bit Vintage, a Little Bit Modern

Some people like to honor the past while others ditch the old for the new. But the recent trend merges vintage pieces, aged photographs, and antiques with modern furniture, technology, and art. The end result is a decor dichotomy, one that enhances the beauty of the classics and appreciates the practicality of the contemporary. 

Lack of Home Office

The 2020 pandemic made working from home exceedingly popular. Even two years later, employees continue to telecommute at least a portion of their company time. In all likelihood, working from home is here to stay and that makes a home office seem like an obvious apartment addition.

However, trends are pointing the other way. The reason has to do with telecommuters working from coffee shops, community workspaces, and city parks rather than ergonomic chairs. With laptops replacing desktops, even your sofa can act as an office space. 

Major Minimalism 

It turns out, you actually don’t need that vision board you’ve been holding onto for 30 years! While many of us have been flirting with minimalism for a while, it’s truly making its mark in 2022 for a variety of reasons. Inflation and environmental concerns play roles but lack of room is perhaps the biggest factor. In short, less is more, especially when it comes to floor space!

Whether you follow the styles or march to the beat of your own drummer, the above trends help bring vibrancy to any apartment. Put your own twist on 2022 decor and make your home luxurious. 

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