Best Places to Bike in Longmont, CO

Riding a bike is among the most popular activities for children and adults alike. Not only is it a great form of exercise, but it’s something you never forget how to do. Living in Colorado offers an added bonus of bike trails galore; they’re practically as abundant as prairie dogs. 

In Longmont, there are numerous places to put your metal cleats to the pedal, including the following:

Longmont History Bike Tour

The Longmont History BikeTour allows you to take a stroll, or rather a roll, down memory lane. This nearly nine-mile ride winds through the historic areas of Longmont, treating riders to various sites dating as far back as the 1800s. This tour takes you through some of Longmont’s oldest buildings, most notable structures, and most significant landmarks. It’s a great way to learn with each turn of the wheel.

Longmont Loop

The Longmont Loop is a work in progress, but open to riders (as well as feedback). It’s a 16-mile biking system that encircles most of the city and works for both recreation and transportation purposes. The loop is designed to decrease bicycle fatalities and increase safety for riders, whether they’re biking for fun or headed to a business meeting.  

Longmont, Boulder Reservoir, and Gunbarrel Loop

The Longmont, BoulderReservoir, and Gunbarrel Loop takes about two and half hours and covers over 25 miles. It’s considered an intermediate bike ride that requires some level of fitness and is suitable for all skill levels. The surface is mostly paved, making it a good option for those who want to avoid rough terrain. 

Old Oak Coffeehouse – Reeb Cycles Loop from Longmont

This loop is the perfect option for novice riders and families. The trail is made up of mostly paved surfaces and works for all fitness and skill levels. Rated “easy,” the bike ride itself is roughly two hours and covers 20 miles, but it’s void of hills or dramatic increases in elevation. 

St. Vrain Greenway

The St. Vrain Greenway links various parks, schools, trails, and business areas. It runs approximately eight miles and is part of the Front Range Trail plan, which aspires to design a trail system that will eventually go from New Mexico to Wyoming. The greenway includes paved bike trails, lots of nature, and stellar views. 

Whether you’re a serious biker or someone who prefers a scenic, simple ride, Longmont offers a plethora of greenbelts, trails, and tours to choose from. Jump on your Diamondback or get out your Cannondale and get rolling. 

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